Ensuring quality cloud hosting service, Vultr has served hundreds of thousands of clients within less than 10 years of starting its journey. Because of its affordable cloud computing opportunity and extraordinary support, users love it. Maybe that’s why you also chose Vultr. 

In Vultr, your account is currently closed, I suppose. Also, you don’t know the reason behind it. Don’t panic. Still, there is a chance to get it back. But first, you need to know why your Vultr account suddenly got suspended. 

Right now, I’m going to discuss the most common reasons behind such a situation. Hopefully, this will help you identify the reason for the suspension and take the necessary steps. 


Reasons behind Vultr Account Suspension

Terms of Service (ToS) Violation

ToS violation is one of the most common reasons behind Vultr account suspension. Vultr ToS includes all the conditions for using it, and Vultr needs you to maintain it. If there is any violation, it can instantly suspend the account. 

In such a case, you should check the ToS to understand if you’ve violated any terms. 

In case of violation, that’s the reason. Contact the Vultr support team about the violation and check if they can consider it. 

Billing Issues

Vultr is flexible with its billing. Still, it doesn’t want you to keep using its service if you miss paying the bills. Also, any issue with paying methods is taken seriously in Vultr. This can be another reason behind the suspension.

If you have any billing issues, fix that fast and contact the support team. Only fixing billing problems can help you get the account back. 

Security Concern

You can do anything with Vultr’s cloud hosting support. But suppose Vultr gets any sign or suspects that your account is connected to malicious activities or is a threat to the security of others. In that case, it’ll suspend the account fast to protect user data and Vultr infrastructure. 

Accounts involved in such activities are not returned in most cases. But if it was a mistake and you can prove it, you may get the account back. 

Suspicious Activities

Besides security issues, Vultr may suspend the account if it is involved in suspicious activity. For example- a sudden jump in resource usage is counted as suspicious activity. In such a case, your account will be suspended automatically. This happens to stop people from using the resources without purchasing them. 

Contact support and discuss the situation. Vultr may return the account if you can convince. 

Fraudulent Activities

Another reason behind Vultr account suspension is fraudulent activities. If you use its service to operate your fraudulent activities and Vultr suspects it, the account will surely be suspended. 

In such a case, you can’t get the account back. Vultr doesn’t want anyone to use their service for inappropriate activities. 

Resource Abuse

Resource abuse means excessive use of the resource allocated to you or trying to use unauthorized resources. Doing this will hamper others’ user experience, which Vultr doesn’t want. That’s why it suspends the account related to resource abuse. 

There is a slight chance of getting the account back. But you need to convince them for it. 

External Complaints

If Vultr receives external complaints about contents hosted by your account, for example- DMCA violation, it’ll suspend your account. So, check and ensure your content doesn’t violate any specific act. 

Any unintentional violation of acts may have a slight chance of getting the account back. It depends on how well you can convince Vultr authority. 


What to Do if Your Vultr Account Gets Suspended?

In the discussion above, I talked shortly about what to do when the account gets suspended. Here are the proper steps you can take.

Step 1- Understand the reason behind suspension. Checking Vultr ToS will help you. 

Step 2- Resolve the problem if possible. For example- if it is a billing problem, pay the bill, and you can continue again. 

Step 3- If it is a violation issue or another problem, but you think it is a misunderstanding, prepare supporting documents and proof. 

Step 4- Contact Vultr support with your documents. Discuss the problem and convince them with proof. Hopefully, you’ll get the account back.

Step 5- Follow steps 2-4 again if Vultr support suggests any action or submission of proper documents to get the account back. 


How to Avoid Such Situations

You can avoid such situations further by taking a few steps. Here are what you should do if you don’t want such a situation to happen again. 


Final verdict

Your Vultr account may get suspended for various reasons. Identifying the reason increases the possibility of getting it back. That’s why I’ve discussed the most common reasons behind suspending your account. 

If your Vultr account is currently closed because of suspension, follow the process I’ve discussed to get the account back. None can guarantee that you’ll get it back but trying won’t hurt. 

Whether you get it back or get a new account, follow the above suggestions to avoid such situations.

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