Tips and Resources for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

The AZ-900 is a fundamental level certification exam by Microsoft.This exam isn’t technical which indicates that anyone who wishes to learn Azure Cloud can take up this certification exam.

The exam tests our knowledge about the various services on Azure.The main aim of this certification is to make sure that the individual must have a clear view about the various services offered by Microsoft Azure in general.

AZ-900 exam covers a basic understanding of cloud concepts including – core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust, as well as Azure Pricing and support.

Before preparing for this exam it is highly recommended to know some common terminologies of cloud computing. There are various concepts like Virtualization and Multi-tenancy which are not Cloud provider specific. Hence knowing them before hand would help the individual in understanding the functionality of various services offered by Microsoft more easily.

It is always said that we cannot form a strong building on a weak
foundation. same goes with the career in Cloud Computing.

Earning a certification without having any knowledge would simply
be a waste. Hence it is highly recommended to first cover up the
basics properly and then move ahead. This will take some time but in
the long run it will prove to be a masterstroke for the individual’s

The AZ-900 exam wont be tough for the individuals who have some
experience working on other cloud platforms but for the freshers
who have just started their cloud journey it wont be the same . They
must make themselves acquainted with the various terminologies
and then proceed further to ensure their constant career growth.

The AZ-900 exam would be a 85 minute exam which would be a
piece of cake for the individuals who have worked on their basics
properly. The passing score is 700 which isn’t so hard to get if the
individual has worked properly on basics.

The certification exam pays more stress on topics like Azure AD, Pricing ,Security and Tagging. But it may be that your question book can have a different question distribution compared to mine.


Navneet Microsoft fundamentals AZ-900


There are multiple videos available online which claim to complete the syllabus of the exam within two hours. If the individual is someone who has some experience working on any cloud platform then yes he can follow those videos. But for the freshers who have just started their cloud journey dont fall in that trap. Those videos would only give you an overview. What a fresher needs is a proper explanation of how various services work in real life conditions.

Following are the main resources which an individual can follow to pass the certification exam:

1.Tim Warner’s Azure fundamentals Playlist (Youtube) 

Tim is an awesome trainer. His way of explaining the various
Cloud services available on azure is simply amazing. He just
breaks down the entire service into parts and makes it lucid
enough to understand.

The best part with Tim is that he actually picks up every
service and explains them rather than just giving an overview
in short span of time. Anyone who wishes to explore Azure in a
correct manner be it a fresher or any experienced individual
Tim’s videos are a must one.

Also in the end of the video he provides the link of the
Microsoft document which makes it even more easier for the
individual to grasp the topic.

So anyone who has no idea about how to start preparing for the certification exam can follow Tim’s videos.

Playlist link :


2.Microsoft Docs

The next source to learn would undoubtly be Microsoft Docs. They are one of the main reasons why people have started exploring azure so much. The docs are simple ; lucid and easily understandable. They make the learning journey a path to enjoy. Microsoft Docs are ordered in a perfect manner that helps the individual to scale up his skills step wise.

The exam focuses on all the services in general. So it would be highly recommended to read only the Overview of each service in the documentation since the in depth analysis of every service would have already been done by Tim in his videos. Hence doing them again would cause wastage of time.

Docs link :

Learning about the services is one aspect whereas applying them on the Azure Portal is another aspect. Doing the hands on ensures the fact that the individual has gained command over the service and is proficient enough in answering all the question related to that particular service. Hence Hands On is very important for any Certification exam.

Also it would be highly recommended to make hand written notes while preparing. This has many benefits. Firstly it develops Muscle Memory which proves to be very beneficial in the long run. Secondly the hand written notes are one of the saviours at the time of last moment revision.

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Before I end I would like to I would also like to highlight the fact that certifications are just a way to validate the skills. Cert without having the skill would be nothing but just a normal badge.

Hence learning the skill would prove to be more helpful than
gaining the certification by any wrong means. 

Hope it helps you to clear your cert and if it really does then
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All the best. Keep Calm and Cloud !

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