Tips and Resources for Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104

The AZ-104 replaces the earlier AZ-103.The target audiences for this certification are the individuals who aspire to be Azure Administrators managing the various cloud services that span storage, security, networking, and compute cloud capabilities.

The demand of IT industry keeps on evolving and same goes with certification exams. The field of interest for the certification exam too evolves with the requirement . While its predecessor AZ-103 laid more stress on deploying and managing virtual networks whereas AZ-104 focusses more on deployment and management of resources. But it may be that your question book can have a different question distribution compared to mine.

AZ-104 is an associate level exam which upon clearing gives the tag of Azure Administrator Associate. While preparing for this certification individuals must have a clear idea about the basics which ranges from networking to resource deployment

Following are the main resources that an individual can follow to pass the certification:


Recently Microsoft has joined hands with Pluralsight.This is one of the main sources to learn the various concepts needed to pass the exam. However we are not expected to read everything that’s been given. Here selective reading comes into play. Comparing the syllabus with the content on Pluralsight can be very helpful in shortlisting the topics. The various courses on Azure in Pluralsight are free and just requires the candidate to sign in the Pluralsight.

2.Microsoft Docs

One of the best documents that can be read for preparing for any Azure Certification is Microsoft Docs. This is one of the best resources available online that explains various complex concepts in a very lucid manner. Microsoft Docs are ordered in a perfect manner that helps the individual to scale up his skills step wise.

Docs Link :

Along with studying it is also advised to have hands on experience to have a clear view of how things work in the real life scenarios. Topics like Azure AD cant be understood without having hands on.

Also it is also recommended to make short notes or flash cards while preparing for the examination which develops Muscle Memory. This also helps to recap the topics in near future.

Azure AZ 104 Navneet Bhardwaj

Before I end I would like to I would also like to highlight the fact that certifications are just a way to validate the skills. Hence learning the skill would prove to be more helpful than gaining the certification by any wrong means.

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