Steps to Register Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certification for free

Getting your Feet Wet with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Certification Promotion extended till August 15!

If you have been a regular on our blog, you’d have read about how to pass various cloud certifications, few of the most recent of them being Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certifications. Oracle had declared their Cloud Infrastructure Certifications free till May 15 recently. This saw a lot of cloud enthusiasts getting their hands dirty with OCI and earning cloud certifications which ranged from Foundations to Professionals Level Certs.

In view of the humongous response to their recent promotional program, Oracle decided (much to the joy of cloud enthusiasts) the extension of their program till August 15 2020. However, this comes with a condition that you register for the exam well before one month of the date chosen. Yes, that’s right, you need to register for the exam by May 15 and book an exam slot before May 15, 2020 to avail this incredible program. This article is meant to guide you how to do that. But before we do, a quick look at the OCI Certifications offered is in order.

If you interested in watching quick video about step by step exam registration process, scroll down and enjoy.

OCI Certifications that can be Earned.

As of writing, Oracle has made the following Certifications free for its community members and cloud enthusiasts worldwide –

1.       Oracle Autonomous Database Specialist – This certification is meant to give a deep knowledge about the working of one of Oracle’s flagship products on OCI – Autonomous Database. Oracle Autonomous Databases are a great option for OLAP as well as OLTP related tasks. If you are new to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and database warehousing, this certification is a good place to start.

2.    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate – If you want to directly get into OCI and have a good foundation, then this the certification you should be going with. Foundations Associate focuses on all fundamental services and gives an overview of those.

3.       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Operations Associate – If you already have prior experience in working in cloud and want a more focused introduction with goals on automations, managing compliance and billing, OCI Cloud Operations Associate Certification is the one you should go for.

4.       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Associate – Developer Associate Certification focuses on giving a hands-on experience about developing reliable applications on OCI leveraging cloud native technologies like Terraform and more on OCI. The certification is focussed from a developer’s point of view more so than a solutions architect’s.

5.       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate – Most cloud enthusiasts follow a pre-designed path, foundations -> solutions architect associate -> architect professional level be it AWS, Azure or GCP. If you are a someone who has this mindset then this certification would mean more after OCI Foundations Associate. It helps you delve deeper into the services offered on OCI with some focus on architecting solutions using them

6.       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Associate Professional -> This is the ultimate certification that validates your architecting prowess on OCI. It is focussed on designing scalable, fault-tolerant and secure solutions leveraging OCI. A basic understanding of cloud topology, networking, cloud cost concepts and OCI is a must.

Registering for OCI Certifications.

Before you begin registration process for OCI Certifications, you need make a Pearson VUE account. If you already have that then make sure you are signed out from it. You will need to sign-in to It for booking the exam from Oracle.

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1.       Redirecting to Oracle’s Pearson VUE portal – Click on the green container/link that might have appeared in the course’s catalog. You will be redirected to the portal which will ask you to enter your credentials.

Oracle Pearson

2.       Once you have entered your credentials and signed in, you need to select where you’d like to take the exam. Assuming that your area has been affected by COVID-19 Pandemic, you would want to select “Take from Home” option (second option) and click on next. You will be prompted for a “System Check” before you click next.

It is highly recommended you run the system check before continuing any further. If there is any problem with this test, then you should get your system fixed and exam-ready before registering.

You would also be prompted for agreeing to terms and condition. You need to check all the boxes and click on next before continuing after this.

Oracle Exam Registration

3.       After this step, you will see your exam details. Don’t worry if you see a price. The coupon code will be applied automatically before checkout as we will see. You should see a screen as shown below. After this, just click next.

Oracle exam registration free

4.       Once through, you will need to select the time slot for the exam and the exam data. I generally select a high morning time like 4-5am because its quiet and the internet connection is pretty stable. The exam is proctored and your behaviour during the exam will be recorded. So, it’s important to have a stable internet connection if you do not want your exam to be cancelled midway.

oracle exam registration free

5.       After this, you will be directed to the cart where your contact details and exam details will be shown. Make sure to double check every detail on this page before continuing. This is the last stop where you get to change your exam date and time slot if you have any qualms.

You should also see that the coupon has been applied at this stage and the exam cost has been negated to 0.0 – this is what we were talking about in step 2.

oracle exam registration

Click on “Proceed to checkout”. This would open a prompt where you need to read the basic terms and conditions as well as identity related requirements. Click on next here if you have read it already.

Oracle Exam Registration free

6.     You are booked! Your exam has been booked and you should shortly receive a mail from Pearson VUE regarding the confirmation. Save that email. 

oracle exam registration free

After clicking on “Return to the Dashboard”, you will be directed to your dashboard where you would be able to see any upcoming exam. The exam you registered for will appear here along with any other exam you might have taken through Pearson VUE.

Oracle exam registration free

As you can see, I have registered for a couple of exams as well and they should be visible to you in the picture.

All the Best!

Make sure that you run system checks before you begin your exam. Also, an identity is a must as they would require you to authenticate yourself before you sit for the exam. Government issued IDs work fine.

Have ample of hands-on practice on OCI beforehand. Just preparing for the exam through the course material would help you pass the exam but would reduce the value of the certification. So, have practice ample of time before sitting for the exam. Be relaxed during the exam and read the questions carefully. Understanding the nuance of the question is key to answering it correctly.


All the Best for your exams and stay safe during this crisis. If this has helped you to prepare or you have enjoyed reading through it, do give a shoutout on LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog for more content!

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