AWS PIN verification

To confirm your identity, you need to verify the phone number you’ve provided with your Amazon AWS account. It is a simple process, just like verifying a phone number for an app or website. However, here you’ll know how to complete AWS PIN verification without facing any issues. 

Process to Verify AWS Phone Number with PIN Verification

AWS account phone pin verification is a step in opening an AWS account. After inputting the necessary information and choosing a payment method, you must confirm your identity by verifying your phone number to activate the account. 

It is not a big deal. But if you want to avoid verification, you can buy AWS account from DconCloud. You can leave the phone number there as it is because the number was used to verify the account.

Let’s know the steps in AWS account phone pin verification. 

Step 1- 

In the third (or maybe fourth) step of AWS account creation, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll confirm your identity. There you’ll find two ways to receive the PIN- text message and call. 

Choose the way you prefer. 

Step 2- 

Then, select the country or region code of your phone number. You’ll see the name and the code together. So, it is easy to find yours. 

Step 3- 

Input your mobile phone number in the next box. 

Step 4- 

Complete the security check or captcha verification to ensure you’re not a robot. 

Step 5- 

Click on the ‘Send SMS’ button (if you select the SMS option) or the ‘Call Me’ button (if you select the Call option). You’ll see a box to enter the PIN you receive. 

Step 6- 

Wait for a few moments, and you’ll receive a call/SMS. Get the PIN from there and input it in the box. Then click on the Continue button to proceed further. 

This is the way you can complete AWS PIN verification on your phone. This is not a complex process at all. You’ve already verified your phone number like this, I guess. 

What to Do if You don’t Receive any Call or SMS?

If things are okay, you’ll surely receive a call or SMS. However, the call or SMS may not reach you sometimes. Don’t worry. It might be a simple mistake. In such case, you need to-

What to Do if AWS Verification PIN doesn’t work?

In case you enter the PIN but it doesn’t work, you may take the following steps. 

How to Contact AWS Support System for PIN Issues?

If everything seems okay, but the PIN doesn’t work, you need to contact AWS support. They can activate it manually. Follow the process below to verify your AWS account manually. 

  1. Make sure you’ve given the current phone number in your AWS account information. 
  2. Open your AWS Support Console. There you’ll find the option to create a case. Just click on ‘Create Case’.
  3. Click on ‘Accounts and Billing Support’. 
  4. You’ll find some drop-down options. For Type, select ‘Account’. Then select ‘Activation’ for the category option. 
  5. In the description box, input a date and time you’ll be free and can be reached. 
  6. You’ll find the option to choose from several contact options. Select your preferred contact option. Choosing ‘Chat’ as the contact option will be better. 
  7. Then, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Thus, you can create a case to receive help with AWS PIN verification. Creating a case is possible even when your account is not activated through PIN verification. So, don’t worry. 

Final Verdict

This is the process you can follow to complete Amazon AWS PIN verification. I’ve also discussed what to do if anything goes wrong. I hope that’ll help you. 

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