AWS Data Analytics Specialty Preparation Guide

AWS is biggest cloud provider globally and it is growing in much faster pace. Along with Services AWS is offering various level of certification to cover the different aspect of its services.

I have recently appeared for AWS Data Analytics Specialty exam which is the updated version of previous Big Data Specialty. ( I sat too for Big data in 2019 and passed).

Quick difference between both exams are that new exam is not covering DynamoDB as AWS is offering another exam which is focus on its Database Services Deeply. So if you are just preparing for this exam don’t focus too much on DynamoDB. but one big difference is AWS Glue which is everywhere in this exam.

This exam cover 65 question and 180 mins allowed. I took this exam in center because sitting at home i feel lazy so I book at center as you can go washroom
(but timer will not stop). Its lengthy exam and lot of focus will be required to read the sentence and find the difference.

I finished exam in 140 mins and marked 10-12 ques for review in which i have doubts and want to go through it deeply for ending the exam.

I took total 170 mins and then I loose my patience and pressed the submit button. Voilaaa I got PASS Grade which makes me Happy.

So lets go through the topics-

  1. GLUE – Its everywhere, I remember it will be more than 50% of exam either in question or in options. So know the In-out of Glue.
  2. Redshift – As this is Analytics focus exam so expect Redshift Covers in big way. Know lot of things from Administrator to, WLM, QMR and Sizing part.
  3. Kinesis Family – Good Coverage of 3 Kinesis Services in mix-match how it can integrate and work together to design real-time and near-real time (focus the word in question)
  4. EMR – I was expecting this but I see not too much of EMR question but overall it will come as part of some solution approach in options so don’t miss to study it. May be in some scenarios EMR is the best option.
  5. QuickSight – This is I can say the scoring topic if you really know the features, Visualization types and difference btw Standard and Enterprise edition of QuickSight. (PS Know something knows as RANDOM CUT FOREST :D)
  6. Security – Know the aspect of IAM, KMS and Network Security. I see Lake formation in options which may help in security of solution so have a look.

There will be few question which will be straight forward and may be 20-30 seconds required to select the right option so get ready.

Let me share the resources which will help you to prepare. Few links are my affiliated and you can get some benefits also by clicking it.

GLUE  Resources –

aws glue

Image Credit- AWS 

Pluralsight Course

Serverless Analytics on AWS  –

YouTube Video 

Build ETL Processes for Data Lakes with AWS Glue – 

Redshift Resources -

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Pluralsight Courses-

1- Building Your First Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

2- High-performance Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift –

YouTube Video –

AWS re:Invent 2019: Deep dive and best practices for Amazon Redshift

Kinesis Resources -


Pluralsight Courses-

1- Developing Stream Processing Applications with AWS Kinesis

2- Implementing Analytics and Real Time Data in AWS

YouTube Video –


EMR Resources -


Pluralsight Courses-

1- Handling and Analyzing Data with AWS Elastic MapReduce

YouTube Video –

QuickSight Resources -


Pluralsight Courses-

1- Visualizing Data with Amazon QuickSight

2- Visualizing Data on AWS

Other Resources-

Apart from the above mentioned resources there is pluralsight track covers the topic of exams I suggest only if you already experience in AWS Big Data/ Data Analytics Services. Otherwise follow the above courses and videos first and then as quick referesher follow the Path Courses.

Here you can follow Workshops Track published by AWS, Keep in mind it will cost you.

With this I would like to say All the Best to everyone who is Working, preparing and learning AWS.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment and I will try to keep update the post.

Share it in your circle and connect with me.

Chirag Nayyar AWS Data Analytics Certified

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