Who Am I?

“Every thing started with rejections and then it’s continuous efforts which makes the thing happens”

Data Center On Cloud

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My Journey

My Name is Chirag Nayyar and I am learning and working on Public Cloud Platform Since 2014, umm actually early 2013. I am living in Singapore nowadays

I started learning from Windows Azure now called as Microsoft Azure then exploring Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform since 2015. In Nov,2016 I started my career with one of the Cloud Consulting partner as a Sales Role and my day to day work is to help clients to understand the value of Cloud platforms and derive their Cloud Migration Roadmap.

My Cloud Certifications... More are coming Soon!!!

I have delivered talk at many places from Engineering Colleges to Community Events. Recentely I started my youtube Channel where I am trying to put the content to help others to learn about Cloud Platforms.

Below is the one talk which I had about AWS Certifications where I shared my journey.  Feel free to reach out to me if any query or suggestion, I love to support as much as I can.